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Initial construction phase

The lifespan of your roof is determined by the following factors:

  • supporting structure
  • indoor climate
  • choice of materials
  • implementation method
  • functional use 

Consider all these aspects when installing or renovating your roof. We will give you professional advice, while paying proper consideration to your financial capacity and the functional and aesthetic capabilities of your roof.

Roof maintenance

A well-functioning roof is directly proportional to good and structural maintenance. Prevent leakage and roof sagging by performing regular maintenance.


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Repairs and roofing interventions

Do you need repairs or another intervention on your roof? We will come to your site immediately. Our regular clients are given a telephone number to reach us at any time.

Roof audits

We can check your roof construction by performing a 'destructive test'. We perform a roof slice and give you advice on the expected life, energy requirements and possible uses of your roof.

Our clients:

Managers - Project Developers - Building Owners - Estate Agents

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