Our maintenance contracts

Regular maintenance is essential for a well-functioning and durable roof. 

Good maintenance will ensure that your supplies, offices or workshops are not subject to risk. 

Your building will remain open and accessible while we implement maintenance. 

Tectum Group primarily works for building owners, estate agents,  building managers and facility managers.  We offer three types of maintenance contracts, depending on your needs:

  • Standard cleaning maintenance 
  • Standard corrective maintenance
  • Custom formula for your roof(s)


24/7 roof service 

Do you need an urgent roof repair or intervention? You can reach us 24/7 on our intervention number. At Tectum Group, we provide one and the same contact person for your roof maintenance.

Ask now for advice about maintenance or repairs on your roof. 



Our clients include the following:

Building Managers - Project Developers - Building Owners - Real Estate Agents