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City of Antwerp
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Ecological green roof for the Wezenberg swimming centre in Antwerp

After Tectum Dekkers previous roof renovation at the Wezenberg swimming pool in Antwerp, we also handled roof construction on the new Olympic swimming pool. The building designed by Bladt ir & Verstraeten Arch architect bureau is separate from the existing building and is connected by a passage with an artificial turf roof.

This new high-tech training pool makes Antwerp the top sports centre for swimming in Flanders. The intention is that our swimmers will be able to train here for the Olympic Games. The swimming pool will have camera ports in the edge for underwater images, mobile walls that slide up from the bottom to divide the 50-meter pool into two 25-meter ones and an analysis room with the latest amenities for image and time recording.

And not only the swimming pool itself is state of the art. All the necessary thought went into the roof too. An lightweight extensive green roof covers it. The entire structure is twice as well insulated as the legal requirement. In addition, a great deal of thought went into air tightness. Tectum Dekkers installed the waterproofing and insulation, and implemented a highly professional finish.

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