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Tectum Protectum realizes liquid sealant works at the Federal Police headquarters

Since March 2014, the former National Administrative Centre in Brussels houses the Federal Police. Police staff services use a good 65,000 m² of the building next to the Finance Tower. To that end, the protected building received a thorough architectural update and customization to allow it to handle 2,200 police officers. The main contractor opted for Tectum Protectum to ensure waterproofing on the building’s complex components.

Tectum Protectum is the Tectum Group’s latest baby. The newcomer handles liquid roof sealing work, as well as supplying and installing fall protection. Tectum Protectum mainly relies on PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate) and PU solutions for liquid roof sealing tasks. “We look into the specific situation of the building in question to determine which solution is most suitable," says Tijl Lauwers, technical-commercial manager. Tectum Protectum already has some impressive example assignments to put on record. The most obvious thing is undoubtedly the refurbishment of the former National Administrative Centre in Brussels to create the new federal police headquarters. Tectum Protectum realized more than 500 linear metres of liquid roof sealing. “The initial request was to apply a liquid seal around the building's balustrades. They are protected balustrades and have to be preserved. A liquid seal was the surest way to achieve a qualitative result. In concrete terms, we treated the surfaces around the balustrade and created a bond to the roofing seal, “ said Tijl Lauwers. Tectum Protectum advised the main contractor to use PMMA. The liquid system hardens fast and is crack-resistant thanks to the fibre in the mix. And the finishing layer can be delivered in any RAL colour “Here we used RAL 7037, a dust-grey that closely matches the colour of the blue hard stone cladding on the National Administration Centre."

Follow-up assignments

The client became convinced quickly about the qualities of the liquid roof sealant and Tectum Protectum’s implementation. And that led to a request for Tectum Protectum to provide PMMA waterproofing treatment for other sensitive parts of the building in a number of steps. So Tectum Protectum then handled the staircase and the ground floor gutters around the building. The combination of those assignments totalled over 500 linear metres.

Also small surfaces

The liquid seal not only lends itself to complex details in large buildings. It is also a quality solution on small terraces or balconies. “The end result is an aesthetic and waterproof whole. Tectum Protectum handles assignments from start to finish. We remove old cladding, sand down the surface and apply the new floor screed. There are numerous possible aesthetic variations. In the example shown in the picture, we used a RAL 7047 finishing layer and sprayed it with paint flakes in three colours. That creates a marble effect finish," says Tijl Lauwers.

Besides our expertise in liquid waterproofing, we also have experience with a range of other materials. Visit our flat roofspage for more information.