Tectum Achel has had a top season. This year, the team played the semi-finals of the Belgian Cup and became for the third time in a row winner of the B-group in the second division. In February, the Euromillions Volleyleague approved its licence application for the A League. 

Ready for the highest level 

“The switch to a higher level is not a loose decision. In the past season, we determined the identity of our club and we drew up a strategic multi-annual plan”, says Steven Brebels, director of Tectum Achel. With its project Avoc 2020, the club is committed to durability and to structural partnerships. “Because Tectum Group came on board as lead sponsor, the club name was changed to Tectum Achel. Together with the other main sponsors Mondea and Clauwers, they will provide for stability in our club”, Steven continues.  The official team presentation that took place on September 12 at the Tectum Group headquarters at Genk in the presence of all sponsors, marks the official start of the new season.

Proud partner 

Rudy Evens, managing director of Tectum Group, is a proud lead sponsor. “Tectum Achel abides by the same family values as we do. Just like Tectum Group, the club today wants to build an ambitious and brilliant future, strongly embedded in our province of Limburg, but with the ambition to extend that success beyond the province borders. In short, sufficient interfaces to commit ourselves to turn this collaboration into a success. We wish the club a great season.”

Moving up the digital ladder as well 

Together with Tectum Group, Tectum Achel focusses on digital innovation. From the very first day of the competition (i.e. October 13) on, the fans and sponsors will be surprised by the rapid, interactive and innovative communication tool NFC (Near Field Communication). Once it is tagged, all relevant information, such as previews, team formation, ranking, photos, videos, scores, events, interviews…, is displayed on the screen by means of a chip and a smartphone.

In this way, Tectum Achel enhances the supporters experience in a pioneering and spectacular way. The implementation of this wireless “nearby” communication does not only enhance the involvement and the experience for their fans, but underlines in particular the club’s innovative and ambitious vision aiming at more quality and progress.

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