On March 6, our brand-new headquarters were inaugurated. And that breaking news required an announcement in style... 


The past 2 years, we invested as much as 15 million Euros. These investments were mainly dedicated to the purchase and the construction of the new distribution centre located at Genk.

The past decennium, we experienced a spectacular growth. Our turnover increased from 32 million Euros in 2007 to 130 million Euros in 2017, which is more than a tripling. This growth was sustained by a continuously growing workforce. In 2007, Tectum Group employed 150 collaborators, today we have 420 employees.

Entrepreneurial behaviour boosts growth

Rudy Evens, Tectum Group’s CEO, attributes the success to the company’s entrepreneurial skills: “We are always actively searching new partners, in order to sustain our mutual growth, both with respect to our suppliers and our customers. Acquisitions and takeovers are also important to sustain our growth as well as to be able achieving economies of scale and to acquire a strong position on the market. Because of our long-term vision, we do not have to be afraid to invest.”

In order to be able facing the strong growth of the past years, the Tectum Group headquarters were moved to the new site in Genk, facing the former Ford plant. “The location of our headquarters is both a strategic and a symbolic choice. A central implantation in the Benelux was crucial to continue our growth both in Belgium and abroad. In addition to that, we attach a great deal of importance to the embedding of our company in the province of Limburg. This is where we have our roots and many of our employees live in the neighbourhood. That roots and family values are important for Tectum Group”, says Rudy Evens.