Every year, we install 2.000.000m² of water-tight roofing on all kinds of roofs. Thereby, the safety of our workers is of paramount importance to us. We provide an appropriate fall protection in order to ensure the safety of our workers, but also that of other persons being located at or near the roof. But what do you do when the roof is such bad shape that it’s no longer safe to stand on it? And what if there is no possibility to install fall protection or scaffolding? 

Renovating the roof from within an aerial work platform

Our customer, a world leader in the energy-producing sector, asked Tectum Constructors for help for the renovation of the roof of their tower at Ghent. In the tower, which is moreover protected by the monument conservation association, the rain was seeping through the roof. The current roof was hardened due to age and had to be completely renovated.

In order to be able renovating the tower in a safe manner, we provided for an aerial work platform. Walter and Bjorn, 2 of our experts, could attach their safety harness to the aerial work platform. We moreover fitted a cage to the aerial work platform to get access to the top of the roof. The current roof structure was completely demolished and removed from within the aerial work platform. We installed an new roof floor and wall-covering plates and finished the roof with an EPDM layer.

Original state of the roof

Roof structure removed

Nieuwe dakvloer geplaatst

New roof floor installed

Toren afgewerkt

Finished roof

Congratulations  from the jury

In addition to that, we used the aerial work platform to check the condition of the entire tower. We have measured the tower and establish a price tender for the complete renovation. Our customer was very satisfied with the renovation of their roof and with our out-of-the-box approach!